Safaba’s EMTGlobal® is a custom hosted software service (SaaS), or a custom on-premise software solution that provides users with the most technically advanced statistical MT system in the world. Each system is individually customized to align with each user’s and application language preferences.

EMTGlobal Screen EMTGlobal® introduces ground-breaking innovations to both process and technology that help achieve superior automated translation quality more easily. Some of these include:

  •  Language Optimization™ that ensures correct terminology surfaces in translation
  •  Automated overnight learning that accelerates translation quality improvements
  •  Usability estimations that enable users to assess quality and potential business value 
  •  Real-time terminology control that overcomes inadequate statistical translations
  •  Language styling settings that enforces accurate formatting of target language text

System Architecture

Safaba’s technology leadership comes from its co-founders and a team of statistical machine translation (SMT) experts who lead the industry in SMT algorithms, capabilities and advancements. High-quality translations are made possible by Safaba’s unique, 4-stage, modular architecture:

EMTGlobal System Architecture

 Transformation. Safaba’s Language Transformation Technology™ automates many pre-processing tasks, preparing the source content for the optimal translation. Learn more…

 Translation. Safaba’s core translation engine is based on the Moses open-source SMT runtime toolkit. Safaba uses a separate proprietary training process to achieve desired performance – providing first-to-market, advanced capabilities that increase translation accuracy for any given training data. Learn more…

 Optimization. Safaba’s Language Optimization Technology™ is a secondary statistical engine that avoids the “data dilution effect”. It significantly reduces the amount of material Safaba’s translation systems need to properly translate “in-domain” content accurately — 0.2 to 0.5M words vs. >2M words. The Language Optimization Technology™ helps close the gap between human and machine translation faster. Learn more…

 Styling. Safaba’s Language Styling Technology™ automates certain aspects of translation post-editing with specific controls over language conventions, content styling and document formatting, reducing the amount of “low value” human post editing efforts and unnecessary costs. Learn more…

In addition, a user interface is provided to control the development of the system and configure system variables. Quality metrics and analysis tools can be accessed to determine levels of output quality. Easy-to-use APIs enable interoperability with TMS, CATCMS, CRM, Chat and email systems, with pre-configured support for SDL TMS, SDL WorldServer and GlobalSight.


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