EMTGlobal Online™

Safaba’s EMTGlobal ONLINE™ is a hosted DIY translation service that provides users with the tools to develop their individually customized translation systems remotely and securely using EMTGlobal’s web-based user interface. It allows MT users to leverage the advanced technologies of Safaba’s EMTGlobal® and utilize higher-quality automated translations using a self-service approach. 

EMTGlobal ONLINE Screens EMTGlobal ONLINE™ users can develop new translation systems by uploading data files, such as translation memories and glossaries, directly into the guided-development workflow. Users can even choose to enhance existing reference systems that have been customized for a specific domain by Safaba’s experts. 

EMTGlobal ONLINE™ users can:

  •  Develop their own translation systems, customized to their individual needs
  •  Assess and improve quality using automatic quality evaluations
  •  Control terminology in real-time directly via the UI
  •  Enforce target language styling and formatting preferences 
  •  Easily integrate each system directly into a translation workflow

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