Safaba converts its technology expertise into industry-leading software products that optimize automated translation quality, especially for domain-specific enterprise content such as highly nuanced marketing collateral or highly technical product and support documentation.

  • EMTGlobal®

    Safaba’s EMTGlobal® is a custom hosted software service (SaaS), or a custom on-premise software solution that provides users with the most technically advanced statistical MT system for sale in the world. Each system is individually customized to align with each user's and application language preferences. Learn more...

  • EMTGlobal Online™

    Safaba's EMTGlobal ONLINE™ is a hosted DIY translation service that provides users with the tools to develop their individually customized translation systems remotely and securely using EMTGlobal’s web-based user interface. It allows MT users to leverage the advanced technologies of Safaba's EMTGlobal® and utilize higher-quality automated translations using a self-service approach. Learn more...

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