Safaba’s automated translation solutions provide global enterprises with superior translation quality that simplifies the path to global enterprise presence. It takes more than knowledge of how to ‘train’ a statistical machine translation (MT) engine in order to achieve a high-quality MT solution that delivers a significant business value to its users. 

Safaba’s complete solution provides both technology and process innovation, including:


High Performance Products that optimize translations within a corporate or industry domain, requiring significantly less preparation effort or training data versus other systems;

A Breadth of Services that maximize automated translation quality and remove the complexity of securing desired results, making your automated translation strategy easier to implement;

Effective Processes that ensure every solution implemented leverages technology, data and customization expertise optimally, and that “get it right” the first time.

Safaba’s complete solution produces more usable automated translations for a broad range of enterprise applications.


It provides users with more ‘Perfect’ and ‘Understandable’ translations than any other solution, reducing translation and editing efforts and helping cut globalization costs more easily.

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