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 Redefining Translation Quality - Running a global business in a multi-lingual environment — can be challenging and often expensive. Automated translation solutions that deliver superior translation quality, simplify the path to global enterprise presence. But can translation quality accurately predict tangible business benefits? How should globalization managers determine what is the right solution for them? 

 A Buyer’s Guide to MT - Automated translation is growing in popularity since statistical machine translation (SMT) made its debut on the commercial scene. For global enterprises, SMT holds the promise of introducing a new degree of agility to globalization initiatives. However, the expanding landscape of statistical MT solutions provides an array of offerings that can be confusing. This paper helps to shed some well needed light on the landscape of solutions and their respective value proposition to global enterprises.

 Safaba’s Enterprise Applications - The brochure provides insights to Safaba’s applications for the global enterprise market and its focus on automated translation quality as an enabler for globalization initiatives. 

 Safaba’s Automated Translation Solutions - The brochure provides an overview of Safaba’s complete solution that enables highest-quality automated translation for global enterprises.