Translation Service Providers

Translation_Team_wide Safaba, provides translation service providers with automated translation solutions that help reduce operational costs and drive faster translation projects by increasing translator productivity unlike any other translation solution.  

Translation service providers are constantly pressured to provide more for less. The commoditized translation services market requires service providers to innovate in order to maintain profitable growth. Safaba’s solutions deliver superior translation quality, that result in less translation and lower post-editing efforts that translate to lower operational costs and a clear competitive advantage.

For Post-Edited MT (PEMT) to become a competitive advantage, the amount of human translation and editing must be reduced with a solution that produces the highest percentage of usable translations. Analysis performed by Welocalize on an enterprise-scale post-editing project found that on average over 40% of translated segments required no editing with a number of target languages achieving 60% ‘Perfect’ translations.

Using Safaba’s automated translation solutions, translation quality has actually been shown to increase with post-edited MT compared to human translation. Safaba’s solutions provide a high level of terminology and format consistency that enable a higher quality post-edited product.

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