Globalization Teams

Globalization Teams Safaba, provides globalization teams with automated translation solutions that help reduce globalization costs associated with translation and increase translation volumes while reducing time-to-market. 

Running a global business in a multilingual environment can be expensive. Every time a new product launches, a new release is available, or a website is updated, translations of digital content such as product documentation, marketing collateral and support material are required. 

With automated translation solutions from Safaba, tuned to each company’s and industry’s language, globalization teams can remove inefficiencies and create new multi-lingual processes and assets.

Cost-Effective Translation – Increasing volume of translated content while reducing translation costs.

> Rapid Product Localization – Accelerating product launch by increasing translation speed. 

Safaba’s makes it easy for globalization teams to utilize high-quality automated translation, integrated with their existing translation processes. With Safaba’s enterprise applications, globalization teams can reduce costs, translate more and translate faster.

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