Customer Support Organizations

Customer Support Representative Safaba, provides customer support teams with automated translation solutions that help increase utilization of self-service channels, reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction — globally.

In an era of self-service support, customers need on-line access to support content — product documentation, FAQs and knowledge bases — all in their own language. To enable customers to “serve themselves” to product, technical and application reference material, Safaba’s automated translation solutions enable rapid translation of large volumes of support content.  

With Safaba’s superior automated translation quality, more translated support content is technically accurate and enables customers to take action on their own more easily. 

 Multilingual Support Knowledge Bases - Providing a cost-effective self-service alternative to assisted support channels for global customers.

Multilingual Chat - Reducing time to resolution for global customers with ANY agent at ANY time. 

Safaba’s makes it easy for customer support organizations to utilize high-quality automated translation, integrated with their existing support applications. With Safaba’s enterprise applications, customer support organizations can reduce support costs while driving customer loyalty, increasing customer acquisition and improving customer retention — globally.

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