Machine Translation

Today, machine translations are becoming a fact of business life – whether used by consumers or small business for ad hoc translations, or by large global enterprises whose success depends on communicating with millions of customers, employees and partners in their native language.

How is Machine Translation Software Assisting Global Business?

Machine_Translation Machine Translation answers the need of today’s global business for high volume and high velocity content localization and enterprise translation. It speeds up time-to-market by greatly reducing the length of the translation cycle. It increases knowledge sharing internally by making it easier for staff and partners in local markets to access company documents (such as sales presentations) in their native language. It makes real time and on-demand translation a ‘regular’ part of their business process – enhancing customer experience and staff effectiveness alike. Machine Translation can also help reduce localization costs, by producing translations that minimize the need for post-editing to achieve human translation quality.

Of course, not all commercial machine translation solutions are created equal. Different solutions are designed to offer different value to different users with a large variance on translation quality. Those specifically enhanced and customized for enterprise use, are likely to deliver greater value to global business operations. 

Is Machine Translation “good enough”?

Actually, with machine translation it’s more accurate to ask: ‘good enough for what?’ This is because the need for human post-editing of machine-translated texts depends on the intended use of the output. For example, in the case of publication grade results human review and post-editing of the automated translations is essential in securing publication quality.  


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