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Posted by: Udi Hershkovich, Chief Executive Officer

I just got back from an exhausting business trip to Europe. One of those trips where you find yourself using every form of modern-day transportation and not being able to recall your hotel room number as it changes too often. I have attended TAUS’s Industry Leaders Forum (ILF) in Dublin, presented at the TAUS Moses Showcase in London and met with some wonderful people in the European mainland. I came with a message and was happily surprised to learn I was not the only one delivering it. The message was: “It is time…

You see, last year on a similar tour, I carried a very different message. I had to explain that not all Machine Translation (MT) is the same and that technological advancements around Statistical MT (SMT) are producing some pretty good results. This year, my message again focused on technology advancements but instead of speaking about quality, everyone in the room, myself included, was speaking about business viability. This year we discussed the true value of MT to global business.

At TAUS ILF in Dublin, industry leaders gathered to discuss the beginnings of the transformation of translation from a commodity to a utility and what that transformation means to the translation industry as a whole. Key business trends such as mobile, social, big data and the explosion of high-value user-generated content are beginning to harness the power of the rapidly advancing SMT technology in bringing about new business paradigms. It is time…

It is time for MT to help increase the availability and visibility of enterprise content targeting awareness and discovery and drive stronger brand presence in global markets.

It is time for MT to enable on-demand access to relevant and brand-consistent information for global sales teams to help drive customer engagement in regions with limited on-ground presence.

It is time for MT to make a significant impact on speeding-up already agile product development cycles and customer delivery making a direct impact on regional business units’ bottom line.

It is time for MT to help transform customer care into a lower-cost yet effective offering by enhancing customer experience for on-line support channels through language personalization.  

The value of the advanced Enterprise MT solutions is increasingly apparent to global businesses. On demand translation enables users to decide the true value of content in a big data world. Embedded MT allows B2B enterprises to provide their B2C partners and customers with a language personalized service offering. Inline with key business trends, new business models are beginning to emerge, which are likely to transform the translation industry and to increase its value to global business.

I look forward to the upcoming TAUS events to see how this trend takes shape and how we all evolve with it.

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